Club Seventh Heaven

The jewel in the crown. Unmistakably elegant, with a refined luxury and sensual sleep experience. The Seventh Heaven features a deep pillow top for luxury you can truly feel, combined with breathable visco memory foam for pressure relieving body support that soothes away the stresses of the day.

Product Benefits

  • Sumptuous deep pillow top
  • Luxurious comfort of 2000 pocket springs
  • SpringShield™ re-inforced frame and border stops edge-sag and extends life
  • Soothing pressure relief of premium high density visco-elastic memory foam
  • Reduced tossing, turning and motion disturbance
  • Anti bed-bug fabric
  • Comfort feel – plush

• 2000 luxury pocketed-springing system for the ultimate in sleeping luxury
• Spring reinforcement provides additional targeted support
• Layer of heavy-duty Kaytex support foam for deep down support
• Combination layer of premium high-density visco-elastic memory foam for unrivalled pressure-relief
• Foam wall encasement : provides edge to edge sleeping comfort and no roll-off
• Luxurious pillow-top finish with Tack and Jump quilt design
• Anti bed bug stretch-knit mattress ticking as standard
• Turn-Free mattress : regular rotation only
• Cushioned-top platform divan base in a choice of colours, on support castors

Pocket Springs

King Koil pocket springs are manufactured by our spring engineers, in Ireland on Swiss precision machinery. King Koil can stand over the quality and comfort of every pocket spring we make. Unlike coil springs which are connected together,individual pocket springs respond and contour the body shape independently to reduce the build up of pressure in prominent areas of the body, such as the hips and shoulders. King Koil pocket springs are precision.

Our reputation for comfortable back care is un-matched and at the core of our back care comfort promise, is the unique King Koil spring.

SpringShield™ Frame and Border Supports

The weak spots in every hotel bed are above the spring unit and along the mattress border. Heavy traffic and regular sitting on the edge of the mattress causes the spring system to sag over time. Our SpringShield™ system protects the mattress from dips and border sagging through flex-edge border supports combined with additional wire frame supports above the spring unit. The result is a mattress that holds it shape for longer life performance.

Targeted Back Support

Our King Koil back care promise is delivered through a series of zoned support bands that ensure the lower back and spine are supported and not subject to mattress dipping. Steel sprung frames positioned in the back zone prevent edge breakdown and spring overload, so your guests are supported, relaxed and sleep in healthy alignment every night.

Soothing Pressure Relief

King Koil is the only bed company in the UK & Ireland with the manufacturing expertise to engineer pressure relieving foams and gel foams. Our high density memory foam is proven to work in independent studies and is trusted by healthcare institutions in the UK , Ireland and North America. King Koil visco-elastic memory foam responds by adopting the sleeper’s unique shape, to provide superior relief from pressure and a floatation feeling. Our memory foam is open cell, which means air and moisture easily dissipate to keep the sleeper fresh and comfortable. Known benefits of memory foam include reduced tossing and turning, relief from pins and needles upon awakening and enhanced circulation and muscle recovery.

Luxury Pillow Top

A pillow top is the cherry on the cake. An added layer of luxury that every sleeper can see and feel the moment they go to bed. Although, it takes us a little longer in time and effort to create the perfect luxury pillow top, it is worth it. To provide your guest with a sense of wow factor that lingers long after their morning coffee.

Foam Wall Encased

Treat your guest to up to 20% extra sleep surface. Strengthened foam walls surround the mattress border which increases the sleeping area by up to 20%. Your guests can luxuriate and stretch out in comfort. Foam wall encasement also prevents edge break down from heavy hotel traffic to extend the products life.

Anti-Bed Bug

Guest comfort starts with a hygienic stay in your hotel. The King Koil Anti-Bed Bug treatment is proven to prevent infestation by Bed Bugs, under the course of normal use.

Made in Ireland

King Koil manufactures everything we put in your guest bed. From the foams, fibres and springs, right down to the supportive divan bases. We are friendly, responsive and able to service any hotel project in the UK & Ireland, no matter how small or large a job.

Platform Top Divan Base

The King Koil signature divan base with extra support laths and easy glide castors, is warranted to ensure that your King Koil mattress is perfectly and evenly supported. Not only will this improve guest comfort, it will ensure the mattress lives to its optimal potential lifespan.

Fire Safety Standard – Mattress
King Koil contract mattresses are compliant with UK & Irish Government Health and Safety legislation. King Koil contract beds conform to BS 7177 (Medium Hazard) Ignition Source 5 (Crib 5).

Fire Safety Standard – Upholstery
King Koil contract upholstery fabrics are Fire Retardant (FR) certified and meet a minimum abrasion resistance of 40,000 rubs (known as Martindale’s) – ensuring maximum performance and durability.

User Safety
The relevant King Koil mattress components have been certified by the European Association of Foamers (EuroPUR™) as free from harmful chemicals and compounds. King Koil are compliant with and carry the CertiPur™ standard.

King Koil is a member of the Furniture Industry Research Association and complies with long life durability tests conducted on contract products.

King Koil is a member of the International Sleep Products Association, which champions innovation and quality in the international sleep industry. King Koil is a member of the National Bed Federation UK (NBF) and has successfully completed the NBF audit process.

Anti-Bed Bug
The King Koil Club Seventh Heaven contains a surface treatment to retard and prevent infestation by Bed Bugs.

Disabled Access
Low divan bases for disabled access are available to order.

Warranty Terms
King Koil beds have earned a first class reputation for the quality of their construction and their exceptional performance in use. They come with a comprehensive warranty policy which includes a two year no quibble guarantee.

Collection Warranty Periods

GOLD Collection – 8 year Warranty on full Set
SILVER Collection – 6 year Warranty on full Set
BRONZE Collection – 5 Year Warranty on full Set

Should a recognised manufacturing or materials fault occur within two years from the date of manufacture King Koil will, at its discretion, repair or replace the product (mattress or divan base) free of charge. If service is required during subsequent years up to the term of the respective warranty (a maximum of 8 years) a pro-rata charge will apply for repair or replacement subject to the age of the age of the product and the nature of the issue involved. In all such cases a contribution towards transportation cost may be applied. King Koil does not accept responsibility for consequential damage. All recommended Care Tips should be followed as standard specifically the need to air the new mattress on delivery, rotate or turn the mattress regularly (every season) and the need to ensure the mattress is correctly supported by the matching divan base or other suitable foundation.