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Cleaning your contract hotel mattresses

Cleaning your contract hotel mattresses

To prolong the life and performance of the contract mattress,

  1. Reduce normal settlement and body-impression on the surface, and ensure more even wear by “rotating” the mattress on a regular basis.   This should be done every season (every 3 months).  It should be done for all mattresses systematically but is particularly important for pillow-top mattress specifications.  Rotate the mattress around on the base so that the top end or headboard end is at the bottom end, and then rotate again three months later to reverse the position.   All that is required is swivelling the hotel mattress around on the base as opposed to flipping or turning over.
  2. For two-sided King Koil hotel mattresses (Club Class 2 and Club Class 4), they should be flipped over completely and rotated every season to the same schedule.
  3. Ensure that the divan base, bedstead frame or other support structure under the mattress is of sufficient quality to support the King Koil hotel mattresses correctly.   This will help to prolong their performance in use.
  4. Any old or defective bases or even frames with broken cross laths should be replaced immediately as they may compromise the mattress performance and the warranty.
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