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We are lucky to call Ireland our home, it has been our place of business for over 100 years.

The natural beauty of Ireland is inspiring and precious, and we want to play our part in preserving it for future generations.

What we do, is make the best handmade beds in Ireland and we intend to make our beds in the most sustainable way too.

We have already started by taking important steps to understand and measure our carbon impacts.

We have invested in our plants and our offices to reduce our energy use and carbon footprint, we constantly find new ways to re-use, reduce or re-purpose our waste and have achieved “near zero” waste to landfill.

We are looking closely at our product, replacing new components with recycled where viable, and we are supporting the growing Irish mattress recycling industry so that our products are stripped and recycled at the end of their first life

What we have done to improve our sustainability

Cut our scope 1 and 2 emissions by 8% (1)

Reduced our total energy consumption by 23% (2)

Reduced lighting energy consumption by 65% (2) via installing LED lights across all our premises in 2021

Reduced employee impacts by

  • Supporting the Bike to Work scheme
  • Installing Electric Vehicle charging in our mattress plant site
  • Reducing employee air miles

Reduced waste through recycling raw material packaging and re-purposing products:

  • 100% of our used wood pallets are repurposed into chipped products
  • 100% of our paper raw material packaging is recycled
  • 100% of our foam off cuts are re-purposed in to mattress support underlays and pillow fillings
  • 80% of our mattress fibres come from recycled PET bottles
Where We Are Heading

We have signed up to the National Bed Federation (NBF) Pledge for our Planet. This will see us commit to making sustainability a core feature of our operations into the future. These changes will be real, will be measured and our progress will be available publicly in a transparent fashion.

Guaranteed Irish Forest

In addition to constantly improving our operations, we want to support the growth of biodiversity and native forests in Ireland. In 2021, we became a founding partner of the Guaranteed Irish Forest, this initiative will see us plant over 15,000 new native Irish trees in the next 5 years and the forest will be managed in a sustainable way by Coillte, Ireland’s forestry agency.


(1) 2019 v 2018 reduction in annual emissions of 130 metric tonnes. Captured data to standard ISO 14024–3:2006Emissions data verified by ClearStream Solutions.

(2) KwHs measured for the period 2021/22 versus the period 2020/21.KwHs for LED lighting versus Traditional lighting was measured by Energia™ in 2020

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